Success & Motherhood; The Journey Begins...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 / Leave a Comment

Welcome to my new blog Success and Motherhood! I am so excited (and a tab bit nervous) to begin this new blogging experience.

So what is Success and Motherhood about? Well I'll try and sum it up..

I created success and motherhood to inspire mothers who want to start their own business or work their way up the corporate ladder. I wanted to also provide exposure for businesses either created or ran by mothers.

I'm sure your wondering what you can expect from Success and Motherhood.
Here you will find interviews with mothers who already have their own businesses or are some of the key players at established companies.
Hopefully these interviews will inspire you and birth new ideas within you.

Because this blog is clearly for mothers you will find advice and tips on how to juggle being a mother and starting your own business. This can and will be anything from recipes, to activities, to places to take your little ones.

I want this blog to be a supportive community for all of you. Trying to balance being a mother and working towards success is not easy and we need continued support and inspiration.

When your having that moment when you feel overwhelmed and don't know if you will succeed at what your working towards, or feel like you may be neglecting your kids while your chasing your dreams, I want you to be able to look at an interview or a simple post on Success and Motherhood and feel inspired all over again.

On a lighter note, I love this picture, not because its of me, but because it displays the bracelet my boys gave me for Mother's day this year. I'm not sure you can read the words but it says "Best Mother Ever".
I try and wear this bracelet everyday, because it is a constant reminder that my boys are my motivation. I do this all for them.

So thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope that we can inspire each other along the way.


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