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Anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat. So it's only right that my first interview is with Sasha Lopez, of Cupcakes by Sasha!

Cupcakes by Sasha is a small business that Sasha started in her own kitchen. You can get tasty novelty/ custom cupcakes at affordable rates.

 Me: Are you a full-time entrepreneur, or do you work another job on the side?

Sasha: When I first started out I worked as a freelance designer and baked on the side. Now I am solely focused on baking.

Me: Is it difficult juggling being a mom and having your own business?

Sasha:  Whether having 2 jobs or even being a stay at home mom, motherhood is thee most difficult job. No matter how my day was, if I was not feeling well, my child still needed quality mommy time, that can never change.

Me: What made you decide to start your own business?

Sasha: On my down time, I watched a lot of cupcake wars and Cake Boss on television. I am the type of person that literally looks at something and says "I can do that". I realized there weren't any bakeries in the Bronx, making extravagant and fun cupcakes. My son at the time was also diagnosed with being non-verbal autistic. I had to make a decision, and working from home was the bets option. My son was turning 5 when started out baking for others. I used to make my son's birthday cupcakes (or cake) and each year it came out better and better. Till one day my best friend called me and basically said: "That's it, your starting your own business!"

Me: Was it hard starting a business while having a child? If so what challenges did you face?

Sasha: Little by little I learned my way around baking. I always try to "prep" or work during school hours, so it doesn't affect my time after school. If I need to, I work "night owl hours". Meaning I'm working while he's sleeping. Lack of sleep is inevitable, but there's nothing more satisfying than my customers saying to me they love the end product. And for that I have plenty of loyal customers.

Me: Did your son motivate you to start your own business?

Sasha: My son is my motivation for everything! With his diagnosis, I don't have the option for after school or babysitters, since he can't communicate whether something happens to him. At home I make my own schedule. But I honestly always wanted to start my own business. Initially it wasn't cupcakes, but I did always say I wanted to start a business by the time I was 30. And I didn't even realize it actually happened!

Me: Have you seen growth in regards to your business?

Sasha: The business is still fairly new. Cupcakes by Sasha started 3 years ago. It began rather slow, just by word of mouth. Once I started fan pages on social media, I've had orders from customers out of state! I look forward to continued success.

Me: Have you had support from family and friends during this time?

Sasha: I have been fortunate enough to have the most supportive team on my side. My family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders. They advertised, posted on Facebook, and ordered.

Me: How important is the support of family and friends when starting out?

Sasha: Having a support system in anything I do is amazing. Cause it means they trust and believe in me.

Me: What are your future plans for your business?

Sasha: In the future I hope to have an even bigger fan base, and hope to start a web page for orders. There's just something great about working out of my small kitchen.

Me: Would you say having your own business has allotted you a certain amount of freedom?

Sasha: Having my own business has made me my own boss. I can make my own hours, and my own days off. I can make every school show, baseball game, and parent teacher meeting. I don't have to ask a supervisor or boss, because I am the boss!

Me: How do you make time for your family and business?

Sasha: I have what my customers know as my "Cupcake Calendar". I have every order dated and always have family time. That is priority! Though weekends are always order filled, I try and have pickups as early as possible to enjoy the rest of the day.

Me: Does your son help you bake?

Sasha: My son used to stand with me and my hand mixer because he liked the vibration on his hands, He's also used to taste the warm cupcakes (chocolate of course). I think he's gotten used to it, he doesn't really participate anymore. But I do use him to tell me what character I make. I know i did a good job if he knows the character through fondant.

Me: What is it that you hope your son will learn from you when it's time for him to live out his dreams?

Sasha: All I can ever ask for my son is to be as awesome as he already is and anything is possible. Life gives you so many curve balls, and him and I are a team. Whatever I do, I do with him. So if I'm great at something, so is he.

Me: Is there any advice you'd give to mother's staring or looking to start their own business?

Sasha: I would tell them family first! Business second, no matter what. And if you're going to do something, do something you absolutely love and take pride in. Your product is a reflection of yourself.

Me: Is there a site or Facebook page people can visit to view some of your creations.

Sasha: The best way for customers to reach me is through social media. Facebook and Instagram has all my information, as well as pictures of all my work. Including pictures of customers.

I would like to thank Sasha for taking time out to answer some questions for Success and Motherhood. She represents exactly what Success and Motherhood is all about!

If you'd like to see some of Sasha's creations or place an order please her Facebook page  or Visit her Instagram page: CupcakesbySahsa


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