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Just do it. What are you waiting for? Those are just some of the questions I've encountered when I've mentioned wanting to start my own business.

Sure it sounds simple, you have an idea, and you hit the ground running, and then boom your a success. Right! But it's not that easy. At least for me it wasn't.

For some people it may be easy and for others it can be extremely difficult. Why? Well I can only speak for myself when I say perfection was my enemy.

I had my ideas on how I wanted my blog to look, how I wanted my logo to look, oh and I knew exactly how I wanted my Twitter background to look.

I just knew I couldn't launch my blog until all of these aspects where perfect. Because I hate going to sites and they are not visually pleasing. Yes I am that person that picks apart a website and looks at what should have been done, compared to what has been done. So I was adamant that my blog site had to be perfect (or at least what I deem perfect)

So I started researching designs and realized I needed professional help to create the blog and Twitter pages that I envisioned. Well needless to say I found out that can get quite costly, and decided to look into other options.

I decided I would turn my attention to my "logo". But I soon found out that getting a logo created was also expensive, especially if you wanted one that at the very least decent.

Than one day I was talking to my boss and asked him if he knew where I could get a decent logo created without going broke. I explained to him that I couldn't launch my site without having a logo first.

He looked at me and said don't worry about the logo just launch the blog, worry about the logo later.

Now I took my boss's advice and ran with it. Why? Because this man knows what he's talking about. And as I looked into it more and more I realized logos and websites are constantly changing. No business website or logo is the same from when they first started.

And that day I took my first steps at launching Success and Motherhood.

 I've had the idea for this blog since 2011 and can't believe I waited this long to launch it. Perfection had become a hindrance to me. It was the reason why I couldn't "get started". Not realzing perfect doesn't exist and sometimes people don't gravitate to perfect, sometimes they gravitate to what is real. Sometimes to what's flawed, because how can any business be perfect, when the creators of that business aren't perfect.

That's why when you have followed a site from the beginning stages and see it advance, it can be quite an amazing thing, because if you pay attention you can see the growth and development that comes in time.

I want to share with you two sites in particular that you may find helpful when starting out.

This particular site offers various services from marketing, graphics and designs (logo design), video animation, programming and tech related services all for a pretty affordable price- Fiverr (pronounced 5er)

Another site is Pixlr. It's similar to Photoshop but not as advance. It took me some time to get the hang of it, and I had quite a bit of help from my co-worker as well. But for the most part it is pretty functional when you are not looking to spend money on Adobe Photo Shop. I was even able to create my Favicon with the tools on this site.

We can find a ton of reasons why we should wait before starting our business, or wait till we pursue that VP position, and some may be very valid reasons, but at the end of the day if we never "get started" we will wake up one day and realize that all we did was dream. It only takes one step in the direction of success to start building your dreams.

Don't look at all the reasons why you can't, or why you need to wait, those are just excuses,and there is no shortage of excuses.

Instead look at all the reasons why you can, and why you can't waste another day just dreaming. Let today be the day you start tirelessly pursuing your dreams.


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